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(Alhurra TV) AlHurra is basically an Arabic language channel based in the United States. It is a satellite channel focusing on the latest news, recent stories and current affairs. The channel targets audience in the areas of North Africa and the Middle East. Middle East Broadcast Network (MBN) operates AlHurra News and the company also operates Radio Sawa.

AlHurra: The third Most Watched Arabic Channel

Al Hurra News started 14 years ago on 14th February 2004 and now is available for streaming in 22 countries. Channels like Sky Arabia, France 24 Arabic, CCTV, CNNI, and BBC (English and Arabic), RTV Arabic are the direct competitors in the category of Arabic channels. AlHurra is the third most-watched Arabic channel and it has surpassed the viewership of its competitors.

Structure of AlHurra News TV and Funding

As the channel operates by MBN. MBN is funded by the Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG). The headquarters of this Arabian Newsagency is located in Springfield, Virginia. The network has it’s additional bureaus in Dubai and Baghdad. The production centers of the channel are located in some other cities of the world, including Cairo Beirut and Jerusalem. It has large networks and the correspondents are present in the Middle East, United States, Europe, and North Africa. It is also managing radio networks and this channel also available in Arab countries.

History of AlHurra News TV

Back when the channel launched, there was much frustration on the between the US government and the Arab Channels. The reason was that most of the content on these channels inculcated anti-American spirit as the Arabs were quite against the policies of the American government. There was a lot of heat on this matter in the United States. So AlHurra news launched in 2004, with a primary goal to give a rather balanced image of the current situations of the country. This could help in improving the image of the United States in the Arabic World.

Alhurra TV News Channel Info

Launch date14 February 2004
CountryUnited States
Availability22 Countries (via satellite) and the rest of the world via webcast.
OwnerMiddle East Broadcasting Networks
LanguageEnglish and Arabic
TypeSatellite television network
LanguageLiterary Arabic (mainly), Arabic dialects, English

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