KFDA CBS 10 News Amarillo TX

KFDA CBS 10 News Amarillo TX Live Stream Weather and Sports Channel Online Stream. CBS KFDA TV 10 local breaking News update Channel Amarillo, Texas, United States Live Online Streaming. KFDA is a virtual and VHF digital channel 10. It is associated with CBS. The channel is certified to Amarillo, United States. KFDA CBS 10 is under the authority of Gray Television. It is working as part of a duopoly with Borger-certified Telemundo associate KEYU (channel 31).

KFDA CBS 10Both the outlets have joint facilities on Broadway Drive. It is just south of West Cherry Avenue in northern Amarillo. It is the same place where CBS KFDA News transmitting tower is also situated. On satellite, KFDA CBS news is accessible on Sudden-link Communications frequency 12 in the city. On October 8, 1952, The FCC gave out the license and permit for station 10 to the Amarillo Telecasting Company. Later, the group requested and got authorization to allot KFDA TV as the television channel’s call signs. KCIT FOX 14 News Amarillo.

KFDA CBS 10 News Amarillo TX Live stream

On April 4, 1953, KFDA CBS news made its first transmission on the air. It was the second television channel to sign on in the Amarillo business. It was launched just two weeks after KAMR-TV was debuted. It is an associate of NBC. It was launched on March 18 as the business’s first television channel. From the time of its inception, KFDA CBS News has been associated with CBS television. Nevertheless, in the beginning, it also ran production from ABC. It took over those privileges through KFDA radio’s old relationship with the television network’s forerunner ABC Radio.

In the mid-1970s, The Bass family decided to terminate telecasting. It was done in order to focus on their oil and gas exploration interests. In October 1975, city-based Marsh Media Ltd. bought KFDA from Bass Telecasting Co. It was under the authority of entrepreneur and philanthropist Stanley Marsh 3, Tom F. Marsh, Michael C. Marsh, and Estelle Marsh Wattlington. The sale was made for $300,000. Marsh transformed KFDO into a satellite channel of KVII. Later it gave new calls KVIJ-TV.

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