KRQE 13 CBS News Albuquerque NM

(Watch Local breaking KRQE 13 CBS News Albuquerque NM New Mexico Live Stream Weather and Sports Channel Online Streaming) KRQE is a regional television news station in Albuquerque, New Mexico. It is affiliated to the CBS network and telecasts on channel 13. KRQE is at the present owned by LIN TV and is a related station to KASA TV. Its transmitter is placed on Sandia Crest, east of Albuquerque.

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FOX KRQEIn January 1995 KRQE 13 News CBS earned affiliation with UPN and WB and became a subordinate channel. Primarily, it ran its programs on weekend overnights. They still kept going as the main CBS associate. In October 1995 KASY endorsed channel 50. By that time, with the help of a regional marketing agreement, KRQE attained the whole telecast day. KRQE switched the UPN and WB shows to Channel 50 among a few talk shows telecasting on Channel 13. They also placed animations and sitcoms on Channel 50. The association of Channel 13 with CBS continued.

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