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(Watch Local breaking NBC KOB 4 News Albuquerque NM New Mexico Live Stream Weather and Eyewitness News 4 Sports Channel Online Streaming) NBC KOB 4 began functioning on November 29, 1948. Tom Pepperday, was the owner of KOB radio (770 AM). It is the oldest television station in New Mexico. Not only this but also the third-oldest television between the Mississippi River and the West Coast. Originally, channel 4 operated projects from all four networks which were NBC, ABC, CBS, and DuMont. Nonetheless, NBC associate has always been prime-like its radio comrade’s prolonged affiliation with NBC radio.

Thereafter, in May 1952, the KOB headquarters were obtained by magazine publisher Time-Life. Previous Federal Communication Commission (FCC) chairman Wayne Coy was also one of its owners as well. It was Time-Life’s first television resource. Within a week in 1953, two new TV stations signed on.

NBC KOB 4 News Albuquerque NM Live Stream Online

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