WTGS FOX 28 News Savannah GA

WTGS FOX 28 News Savannah GA Live Stream Weather and Sports Channel Online Stream. FOX WTGS TV 28 local breaking News update Channel Hardeeville, Savannah, Georgia, United States Live Online Streaming. WTGS is associated with Fox. The channel is certified to Hardeeville, South Carolina, United States. It is working for southern South Carolina’s Low-country and southeastern Georgia’s Coastal Empire. This also includes Savannah. It telecasts a high-resolution digital signal on virtual and UHF frequency 28.

WTGS FOX 28 NewsThe transmission is made from a transmitting tower on Fort Argyle Road/SR 204 in western unincorporated Chatham County, Georgia. WTGS FOX is under the authority of the Sinclair Telecast Group. WTGS have joint offices with fellow WJCL ABC 22 News Savannah. It is certified to Savannah. Furthermore, it is also an associate of ABC. The channel was under the authority of Hearst Television in the Savannah Morning News building on Chatham Parkway in Savannah.

WTGS FOX 28 News Savannah Live stream

On March 22, 1982, WTGS FOX 28 News was inaugurated as the business’s first general entertainment private outlet. On October 9, 1986, it ended up becoming a contract associated with Fox News. Nevertheless, it still ran technically as a private channel. This was because at first, Fox only broadcast a late-night talk show. Later on, it slowly started adding nights of the production. Then in 1993, Fox production extended to a whole week. In May 2007, California-based Parkin Telecasting bought WTGS News from Bluenose Telecasting for $17.5 million. Before that, the channel was under the authority of L.P. Media Inc.

It was an associated company of Lewis Telecasting which owned WJCL. Since Lewis’ sale of WTGS and WJCL in 1999, the two outlets have been bought, sold, and refinanced twice. In fact in the most recent sale in 2007, WTGS was sold for $2 million less than its sale price in 1999 with WJCL. By the start of the 1990s, the station was sold to L.P. Media. WTGS FOX has been a fellow outlet to WJCL. This outlet was very recently sold to New Vision Television.

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