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WTKR CBS 3 News Norfolk Va Live Stream Weather and Sports Channel Online Stream. CBS WTKR 3 local breaking News update Channel Norfolk, Virginia, Hampton Live Online Streaming. WTKR CBS 3 is a virtual UHF digital channel 40. It is associated with CBS. The channel is certified to Norfolk, Virginia, United States. It is working for the Hampton Roads area of southeastern Virginia. The channel is under the authority of Dreamcatcher Telecasting, LLC.

WTKR CBS 3 NewsOn April 2, 1950, WTKR CBS News started its function on channel 4 as WTAR-TV. It was Virginia’s second television. The station ran its production from all four networks of the time. Those networks were NBC, CBS, ABC, and DuMont. Despite that, it was a primary associate of NBC. In the early years of its production, only 600 TV sets were present in the district. WTKR CBS News had 19 regionally created shows including the network shows. In the first year of its launch, the channel shifted into a WAVY NBC 10 News Norfolk center at 720 Brush Street.

WTKR CBS 3 Norfolk Live stream

WTKR CBS 3 was under the authority of Norfolk Newspapers. They were the publisher of The Virginian-Pilot and The Ledger-Star. WTKR radio was also under their authoritative hold. It was Virginia’s first radio station, and WTKR-FM. in 1952, it later shifted to channel 3. This was done in order to dodge interloping with WRC-TV that is in Washington, D.C. After a year, WVEC News logged on as an associate of NBC. At that time WTKR News became a main associate of CBS. It maintained its second association with ABC and DuMont.

In 1957, WTKR became exclusively associated with CBS. It was the time when WAVY-TV logged on as the associate of ABC. Later in the line, in 1959, WAVY and WVEC exchanged their association. In 1956, DuMont was completely darkened. Norfolk Newspapers was restructured as Landmark Communications in 1967. WTKR-AM-FM became one of the leading channels. By the end of the 1970s to mid-1980s, WTKR CBS 3published a regional version of PM Magazine.

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