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WTSP CBS 10 News St Petersburg FL Live Stream Weather and Sports Channel Online Stream. CBS WTSP TV 10 local breaking News update Channel St. Petersburg, Florida, United States Live Online Streaming. WTSP is a virtual and VHF digital channel 12. It is associated with CBS. The channel is certified to St. Petersburg, United States. It is working for Tampa. WTSP is under the authority of Tegna Inc. WTSP office is situated on Gandy Boulevard in St. Petersburg. Its transmitting tower is situated in Riverview.

WTSP CBS 10 NewsOn July 18, 1965, the channel made its first appearance on television as WFTS ABC 28 News Tampa. The channel’s launch was made possible after a prolonged court battle that went on for around about a decade. It was between five prospective owners who were striving for the channel 10 certifications. It was under the authority of Rahall Communications.

WTSP CBS 10 News St Petersburg Live stream

The ownership also came along with WWMI and WWRM. WTSP CBS news was associated with ABC. Despite that, it ran its first month-and-a-half of production as a private station. Exactly the way in which the earlier ABC associate CBS WSUN-TV did. It went to court to keep the association. The city of Tampa was the owners of WTSP. They had been one of the candidates for the channel 18 permit. They made the sudden choice of entering the completion due to the fear of losing its ABC association.

Finally, on September 1, 1965, WTSP News earned the certification and officially shifted to ABC in a special ceremony. It made the agreement under the condition of being placed on VHF station 10 instead of a UHF placement. Due to this factor, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) requisite the station to run 20 hours of public service show every week. The television was certified to Largo till 1981. It was on the north of St. Petersburg. But its offices have always resided in St. Petersburg. WTSP CBS news had its first office facilities situated at 2426 Central Avenue. Nowadays its present offices are on Gandy Boulevard.

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